Ep. 06 – Haunt Tips and Coaster Trips

Ep 06 promo

In Episode 06 of the Park Fanatic Podcast, we talk about 3 major roller coaster updates and Tips on how to SURVIVE a Haunt. Do you love roller coasters? RMC? Or Leaked ride plans? Garett has some updates just for you! Specifically we talk about the reveal of Lightening Rod at Dollywood, the leaked plans for Valraven at Cedar Point and the preview video for Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom. 3 great new rides for any theme park/roller coaster enthuisiest. Gabe also gets into his Haunt mode and talks about his hints/tips/tricks to have the best time at any Haunted attraction. Although Gabe loses count of his tips, these are all important to any level Haunt (Halloween Lover) goer to know in order to fully enjoy the events. These tips works very well for Halloween Haunt at Knotts Scary Farm, Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Fright Fest Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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