Ep. 201 – Single Rider: Jurassic Park The Ride


On the Season 2 Premiere of the Park Fanatic Podcast, Gabe and Garett talk about all the exciting new things they have in store for the show. They visit Garett’s Coaster Corner to talk about some major roller coaster updates on Mako, Lightening Rod and Cobra’s Curse. For the main topic of the show, your hosts  talk about Jurassic Park The Ride on their brand new “Single Rider” segment! Since its opening, Jurassic Park The Ride has been a staple attraction for Universal Studios on its lower lot. Even now in 2016, the astonishing dinosaurs contained within the walls of this deceptively tranquil ride continue to wow riders. Are you brave enough to face the mighty T-Rex and plunge 84 feet? If you are, prepare yourself for a fun and wild adventure with the Park Fanatics!