Ep. 203 – Pirates Of The Caribbean w/ Rick West

ep 203 promoOn Ep. 203 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, Rick West of Theme Park Adventure stops by to give us an exclusive behind the scenes look into the making of his book all about Pirates of the Caribbean. This publication is the most comprehensive look into the making and creation of the classic Walt Disney attraction at Disneyland. The book includes exclusive interviews with Marty Sklar, Tony Baxter, Bob Baranick, Alice Davis and Marc Davis. Take a ride with the Park Fanatics as we grab our bottles of rum and sing Yo Ho as we discuss this quintessential theme park attraction. We’ve also got another Garett’s Coaster Corner for you! We bring you up to date on the 9 new Virtual Reality Coasters that are being added to the Six Flags theme parks. Need an update on Mako at Seaworld? How about Valravn at Cedar Point? We got you covered on this episode of The Park Fanatic Podcast!