Ep. 204 – The Legacy of Arrow Development

ep. 204 promoOn this episode, we are joined by 4 of the creators of The Legacy Of Arrow Development. This documentary from A.C.E showcases the amazing accomplishments of Arrow Development, a ride manufacturer based out of Mountain View, CA. They have paved the way by designing the first tubular steel track on a roller coaster, the world’s first log flume, the world’s first modern inverting coaster, as well as many other innovative ride designs. We’ve gotten an exclusive interview with the creative team of The Legacy Of Arrow Development. Please welcome to the show, Kris Rowberry (Writer and Producer), Nicholas Laschkewitsch (Director and Editor), Kim Mix (Co-Editor and Co-Producer), and Robert Ingle ( Assosiate Producer)! Watch the Documentary for FREE at www.LegacyofArrow.com!