EP. 209 – Single Rider: The Timber Mountain Log Ride

Episode 209 promoOn Episode 209 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, hop in the Single Rider line with us as we explore the Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm! This iconic attraction located in Buena Park, CA has been thrilling families since 1969. Over those years, millions of people have passed through its flumes. We start our journey by taking you through the ride itself, walking you through each scene. After that, we tell you all about the history of the log ride and its creator, Bud Hurlbut. Did someone say Haunt?? Hop on Satan’s Sawmill as we explore the rich haunt history of this classic ride at the Halloween Haunt event. But wait, there’s more! We also explore the 2013 restoration project, headed by Garner Holt, that brought the Timber Mountain Log Ride back to its former glory. Take a ride through Calico Mountain with us Fanatics! Its sure to be a blast! FIRE IN THE HOLE!