Ep. 215 – The History Of The Roller Coaster

  1. Episode 215 promo          On this episode, we get caught up on the recent announcements in the roller coaster world. We visit Garett’s Coaster Corner again for some updates on InvadR, Mystic Timbers, Lech Coaster, Mean Streak, and Vortex. We also go over all of the recent Cedar Fair theme park announcements at Cedar Point, Worlds of Fun, Knott’s Soak City, King’s Island, Dorney Park,Carowinds, and Valley Fair. Not enough for you? Haunt fans rejoice! Gabe’s Haunt Hut makes a return for some Halloween Horror Nights news. We then take you to our main topic, The History Of The Roller Coaster. We take you from the ice covered Russian Mountains of the 1800s all the way to the most modern achievements in the roller coaster world. Sit back and enjoy the history lesson fanatics. Its sure to be a wild ride!

*DISCLAIMER* There was some misinformation in this episode. After recent review, we would like to point out our mistakes. Kingda Ka is 456 feet tall and the first wing rider roller coaster was the Intamin built Furious Baco. We apologize for the brain fart. Shout out to @MrJHeckles on Twitter for setting us straight

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