Six Flags Trip Report – August 21



Writing and photography by: Jacinda Mitchell

Follow her on Twitter: @jacindaaaa_

Ohhh what a beautiful day! We came out here to Six Flags Magic Mountain to take a look at some of their Fright Fest preparations and to get a few updates around the park. 

I want to start off by saying it was such a beautiful day at the park, however, it was a bit hot. If you visit the park during the last few weeks of summer, please remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. At every food station in the park you can ask one of the cashiers for a cup of water at no cost!

After we passed through security, I noticed the famous Fright Fest promotional display that they’ve had for quite some time now. It reminds guest that the event will take place “Fridays thru Sundays in October”, which is kind of odd because the event starts on September 17th.IMG_8365

As soon as you walk thru the gates, they give guest some sad news stating that X2 is closed. As well as Apocalypse. They are both closed due to maintenance. I believe they will both be back by the time Fright Fest starts since X2 will be transforming into X2: Satan’s Domain.IMG_8366

Since the recent release of Suicide Squad being a new experience for Fright Fest, there has been Suicide Squad pop-ups placed around the park. IMG_8379

The stores have also added limited edition merchandise. 

Guest can experience the Suicide Squad Experience in DC Universe on September 17th during Fright Fest! They are currently installing the lights for the light show. Are you guys ready to roam the streets of the “Worst Heroes Ever”?! I know we are!suicide_squad_background2_0-750x400

Surprisingly Superman was running 2 trains today. YAY! So the lines were about 30 min both sides. Let’s see how long this will last!IMG_8372

In the Goliath queue, they have ads posted for the TV show Impractical Jokers that you can catch on Thursdays on truTV.  The station and one of the trains have ads posted as well.

Tatsu was rather long because they were experiencing quite a few technical difficulties today. Typical wait time reached about 90 minIMG_8381

Twisted Colossus was running 3 trains and the ride operators did an outstanding job with trying to duel the trains every time. They were constantly communicating how many seconds until the train needs to leave the station.

IMG_8387The New Revolution now has new VR headsets that are awesome! They are definitely easier to put on. There’s a simple knob that you turn that easily makes the headset bigger or smaller. With less confusion on how to put on the headsets the line moves a bit quicker. They have also improved the quality of the video for the VR Experience. The video is less grainy and glitchy.IMG_8382

They had an exclusive ride event powered by SLURPEE. Guest had to purchase a slurpee to receive a wristband to have exclusive ride time on select rides after park closing. Great way to promote a purchase of a slurpee with the high temps! Very tempting!IMG_8380

This concludes our update for Six Flags Magic Mountain. You’ll see us next time when Six Flags announces their plans for 2017 on September 1st.  What do you guys think will be next for Six Flags? A dark ride? A flat ride? Give us your thoughts!

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