Fright Fest Returns To Six Flags Magic Mountain With Bigger And Better Scares


We started off our Halloween season by attending Six Flags Magic Mountain for their opening weekend of Fright Fest! Six Flags started their Halloween Event even earlier this September and it was probably one of their best decisions ever. Fright Fest 2016 allows guest to encounter some of the “Worst Heroes Ever” in their highly anticipated Suicide Squad scare zone and walk through their longest maze ever built. Take a ride as we give you a review of all the mazes and scare zones Six Flags Magic Mountain has to offer!


Written by: Jacinda Mitchell

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Scare Zones

This year Six Flags Magic Mountain has stepped their game up and placed 7 scare zones throughout the park. Yes, SEVEN! With the park being so huge, each scare zone is located sporadically throughout the park. Which is fantastic because guest doesn’t have the feeling of going through different scare zones back to back.

img_8943One of the first scare zones that you see is Demon’s Door which is located right after the main entry gates. This area was very well detailed. They have two demon structures welcoming you as you enter the scare zone. The scare zone is well lit with red lighting which makes you feel like you are entering the gates of HELL! They also placed skeletons and skulls in the trees to represent the horror you see in hell. I would definitely like to see them put some different lighting on the skulls and skeletons so they are more visible at night. Overall this scare was great, they had a lot of scare actors roaming through

One scare zone that has been around for quite some time now is Zombie Xing, which is located in between the Golden Bear Theater and Wascal’s. This is probably one of their smallest scare zones. As soon as you approach the scare zone they have a WARNING sign to lure in guest before they are eaten alive! Once you enter the scare zone you are surrounded by zombies that are looking for their next meal. Compared to last year, one thing that they could have improved on was the amount of fog that was used. Last year it was so foggy, you couldn’t see the monsters limping through the fog. This year the fog was very minimal. So I hope as the season goes on they will turn up the fog a little bit more.


As guest continue to stroll through the park, they can head over to the largest scare zone in the park, TERRORtory Twisted, located in the Screampunk District. The entrance alone to this scare zone is phenomenal! I believe the park did an amazing job showing off their creativity by utilizing the steampunk theme to make their props. There is also lots of fog in this area which allows the monsters to give guest that perfect jump scare! For some this can be a very unsettling experience.

Right across from the Screampunk District is DC Universe which consist of the newly anticipated scare zone of the season, The Suicide Squad Experience. As guest enter the area they are presented with different themes and scenes from the movie.

Projection mapping was used on the side of the facades to create a live action effect, which included the building being on fire which resembles a scene from the movie.


Also roaming the streets was Enchantress evil minons looking for their next victim! This allowed the fans to truly feel immersed into the experience. Guest are also able to meet and have different photo opportunities with their favorite characters from the movie that consist of Joker, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc. The makeup for the characters was outstanding! You honestly feel like you are looking at the actors from the movie.

The fifth scare zone Six Flags Magic Mountain offers is The Ruins, which is located right outside of the new largest maze at the park, Aftermath 2 (We’ll go into detail later). This scare zone prepares guests for what they will encounter as they enter the maze, Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising. With the makeup being soo awesome in the Aftermath 2 maze, I would have really liked to see some more of the “infected” characters in the scare zones. I want to say I saw about 3 or 4 actors at the time. However, they were constantly walking around the area which made it feel like there were more than just those four.

One of my favorite scare zones is Exile Hill, which is located at the top of the hill near Samurai Summit. With the scare zone being at the top of the hill, sliders were able to slide down the hill startling guest that were at the bottom. I personally loved watching this area and seeing all the sliders spark downhill and guest getting scared because it would happen so fast. If that wasn’t enough to get you to visit the area then you definitely need to head up the hill and meet Innocence. She is absolutely one of the best scare actors ever! Her slow body movements gives guest, even me, the creeps!

The last scare zone which is also one of my favorites is Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy, which is located between the path of Viper and Tatsu. This whole scare zone consist of glowing 3D paint and terrifying fairytale characters that will haunt your dreams! The makeup in this scare zone is also fantastic! This scare zone had one of my favorite characters, the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. He looked so terrifying it was almost like a sweet innocent fairytale that went wrong. They turned this cute little rabbit into this bloody two fanged tooth rabbit. I also want to point out that all the actors in this scare zone stayed true to their character. Job welldone! Definitely a huge upgrade from last year, we were very impressed.


Now let’s talk mazes! I just want to point at that the mazes were a big step up from last year. A lot of theming and effects were considered into making each maze especially the returning ones. This year Fright Fest has seven mazes. Wow! Seven must be their lucky number this year!


We’ll start off by talking about returning maze, Chupacabra, which is located right outside the entrance of X2. This maze has been here for quite some time now and Six Flags Magic Mountain has tried their best to make it as awesome as possible. One of the new elements that really sparked up the maze this year was how much fog they used throughout the maze. There were times when I couldn’t see anything and for me that was very unsettling because I didn’t know what was up ahead. Other than the fear of what was lurking through the heavy fog, the only other scares this maze provided was a few jump scares. Overall this maze was okay, but definitely better than last year.

2.Willoughby’s Garden Of Darkness


img_4233-1 The next maze that has also returned is Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness, which is located at the top of the hill right before Ninja if you’re coming from Superman. This is also one of the select few mazes that have been around for a while. The whole maze relied heavily on ghillie suits to fulfill their scares throughout the maze. For me this was probably one of the weakest mazes Fright Fest had to offer. The theme of the maze is very basic and simple. When you start to walk through the maze it feels rather long because of the repetitiveness of the design and scares. However, we did get quite a few jump scares from this maze.

3. Willoughby’s Resurrected

Across the way is also Willoughby’s Resurrected, which is located by the entrance of Ninja. Assoon as you start the maze, guests are placed into this photo op that can be slightly terrifying. Inorder to see why, you must visit the maze! This Victorian themed maze, set the scene for guest to encounter demented family members and ghost filled hallways. Out of all the mazes this maze probably had the most scare actors. This was a very fun house style maze. We got a lot of great scares in this one. Don’t forget to take a look at your group photo after the maze!img_8162

4. Vault 666


As you head down to the lower part of the park, guest can find three mazes that are right across from each other. In Vault 666 guest are able to enter the lab of a special experiment. Once you enter the maze you are presented with a pre show presentation to show you the different experiments going on in the lab. As you enter, you see this mutated creature take over the lab and you are left to fight for your life! This is one of my favorite mazes, the theming is great and the scares are terrifying. Every corner there was a sound or a scare that would make you jump and keep you on your toes! You should definitely put this maze as a priority on your list, absolutely fantastic!

5. Red’s Revenge


Red’s Revenge was also a favorite! Little Red Riding Hood already scared me enough as a child, walking through the actual experience gave me the chills! The decorations were amazing! Guests are able to walk through mini sets like a cabin, village, and forest. This is also a maze that I would definitely hit up first as the lines can get rather long throughout the night.

6. Toyz Of Terror 3D

The most terrifying maze (for me) of the night was Toyz Of Terror 3D. Any toy that comes to life is scary but when you add clowns that’s a whole different story! The 3D lighting in this maze was executed very well, the masks literally pop out at you making the experience even more terrifying! The design of the maze was phenomenal as well. As you try to escape each room, there are slanted ramps that make it rather difficult and a spinning tunnel that will make you a little queasy. Don’t forget if you cannot encounter that type of experience, I found it easier and less nauseating to look at the floor instead of straight ahead.

7. Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising


Last but definitely not least is Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising, which is located on the side of Apocalypse. For Six Flags Magic Mountain, this was the largest maze they have ever built and they did an awesome job! Guest must survive deadly toxins as they walk the streets trying to reach the Bio-Containment Center for safety. The maze gives guest the opportunity to freely roam the streets of the city as they encounter explosions, cars, and a collapsed building. This maze was executed so well, it was very spacious and the actors utilized the large amount of space in the best way possible! We also got quite a few scares in there! And the masks once again were amazing!

Six Flags Magic Mountain did an outstanding job with masks and makeup this year. I am really impressed! They are really trying to up the ante by being the top theme park haunt of Southern California. This is definitely an event to check out during your haunt season! Fright Fest will be open September 24, 25, 30, and every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October! Lots of opportunities to check out this fantastic event! If you are a season pass holder, you can purchase wristbands for the mazes at a discount. The wristbands are $15 for season pass holders and $20 for single day admission guest. If you prefer to skip the lines, pass holders can pay $30 for express lane and $35 for single day admission guest.

Thank you for checking out our review of Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Wed like to thank Six Flags for inviting us out to their media event. We had a blast! Next episode of The Park Fanatic Podcast will be all about Six Flags Fright Fest. Make sure to tune in for all of the haunt fun. Don’t forget to let us know what your favorite maze or scare zone is in the comments below!