Knott’s Scary Farm Skeleton Key Rooms 2016: A Review

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Written by Jacinda Mitchell

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For our next Halloween event, we went over to Knott’s Scary Farm on opening day to experience their all new skeleton key rooms, mazes, and scare zones. This was the first year Knott’s created individual skeleton key rooms separate from the mazes. There are 4 skeleton key rooms and each room has a different theme and a different experience for guest to encounter. Since photos were not allowed in the skeleton key rooms, we will just have to give you our spoiler free review.


Slasher, which is themed after an 80’s slasher horror film, gives guest the experience that they are in a slaughter house. Once you enter into the room there is nothing but darkness and you are left to ponder what will happen next. This was another room that had our group on edge. We were all terrified about what will happen and we continued to move throughout the room to figure out where to look and where to turn. Overall, this skeleton key room was good but I feel like they needed more actors to complete the storyline. However, the sounds and props in this maze were outstanding. Guest can also find this skeleton key room in the Hallow Scare Zone at the opposite end, which is further into Camp Snoopy.


Prey was a very interesting skeleton key room. Once you enter the maze, a select few people in your group are given faulty lanterns to use to guide your way out. Guests have no idea what they may encounter while they struggle to find their way out. Will the lantern help you escape? Or will it become useless as you try to find your way out! Beware as they unleash mutant beast that will lead you to run for your life! This maze was one of my favorites because everyone in our group was terrified to go first or be the one in the back. We spent countless times arguing over who should go first and of course we hit a few dead zones on the way out. Overall this was a solid skeleton key room, it had a bunch of actors and it continued to terrify you throughout the whole experience. You can find this skeleton key room in the Hallow Scare Zone at the beginning of Camp Snoopy.


This skeleton key room is themed after the Green Witch. Guest must use a Phantom Finder to find some paranormal activities that are wondering the Haunt Museum in Ghost Town. This was a very unique experience because it allowed guest to freely wonder the room to find stories tied to the theme. I wish the room was a little bigger and that they had more interactive props. The scare factor in this room was very minimal. However, overall it was a well thought out skeleton key room.


One of the scariest and most terrifying skeleton key rooms, which is located (I don’t remember where it is!). This room is based off an Ouija board and guests were forced to face their worst nightmares. The guest experience is very interactive and it gives guest the feeling that they are a part of the story. It was executed so well and it truly felt like a real experience calling upon some spirits. The setting of the room and the props that they used really intensified the experience all together. The actors did a fantastic job as well with portraying their characters. Overall I believe that this skeleton key room is their best one. It will definitely have you running out of the room shaking! Do you have what it takes to face your fears? Let us know in the comments below!